Gabby Elliott and Kiara Lewis have left the Tigers' program.
"If this doesn’t excite the state of North Carolina, that’s really sad."
"We can't look at this and just say, ‘this is all that we wanted,’ because it's definitely not."
Good news, Comcast customers. Also, Wake Forest's head coach weighs-in on the loss to Nebraska.
Wake's Jewel Spear and Virginia Tech's Elizabeth Kitley shared ACC Player of the Week honors.
The Wolfpack have plenty of time to improve.
Plus, other news, notes and links ahead of the start of college basketball.
Plus, ACC notes, links to good reads and stuff I've written recently.
Let's learn about Larry Farrare and a take a spin around ACC women's basketball.
Also, a question about the Tar Heels defense, and a little bit about my trip to Clemson.
ACC women's basketball is here, y'all. Also, links from things I've done recently.
Lawson recently added players to her 2020, 2021 and 2022 rosters at Duke. More links, notes and ramblings included.